Cable Installation & Repair

Using WaveWalker 1 for Cable Installation and Repair

For those working in the cable installation or repair industry, the challenges of weather and tide can have a significant effect on project timescales and budgets.

From the initial site investigations to the installation work and follow-up repairs, traditional floating barges or self-elevating platforms can often experience difficulties fulfulling the necessary requirements.

Our industry-first, 8-legged walking jack-up rig WaveWalker 1 provides an ideal solution for every area of the process. It provides a stable, safe platform for cable laying or repairs in shallow water, which can independently relocate bidirectionally regardless of the tide or weather conditions.

Specially designed to operate in rough seas, heavy surf, intertidal and shallow transition zones, WaveWalker 1 can follow the cable and take it from deep water to the shoreline without the need for additional assistance, reducing schedules, risks and costs. Accommodation and specialist equipment means the WaveWalker 1 can be designed to fit each individual project.

If you would like to find out more about WaveWalker 1 or to discuss your project, please get in touch.