Marine Infrastructure with WaveWalker 1

Planning and development within the marine environment can have an extensive range of challenges. Environmental factors such as weather and tides, marine access and the supply of materials all need to be considered.

Infrastructure projects range from the initial site investigations, to laying foundations and erecting jettys, piers, walls and bridges. Often, traditional self-elevating working platforms (SEWPs) and other floating barges are unable to access the area due to tidal movements, surf zones and shallow transitions.

WaveWalker 1 provides an excellent solution for marine infrastructure projects by providing a secure, stable platform that is able to walk into position across difficult terrain, thanks to its innovative 8-legged jack-up barge design.

Independent movement means the rig can relocate as work develops, with a maximum operability window as WaveWalker 1 is unaffected by weather or tidal conditions. WaveWalker 1 can also include live-aboard accommodation, reducing crew-transfer downtime, schedules, risks and costs. The bidirectional walking movement means it is also ideal for ecologically sensitive areas.

If you would like to find out more about WaveWalker 1 or to discuss your project, please get in touch.