Wavewalker 1

WaveWalker 1

WaveWalker 1 is a dynamic, innovative 8-legged, self-contained walking jack-up, capable of operating safely and effectively in rough seas, surf zones, on beaches, in shallow transition zones and other intertidal locations.

An alternative to self-elevating working platforms (SEWPs), WaveWalker 1 can considerably boost the productivity of marine operations including; geotechnical site investigationsdrilling and blasting, trenching, pipeline and cable laying, marine construction, pile installation, offshore wind farm O&M, salvage, intertidal operations and other marine and underwater work.

Traditionally, all these operations require floating equipment or conventional jack-ups that can experience extensive delays due to weather downtime, site access issues caused by shallow water depths, as well as the safety implications of operating floating equipment in nearshore large swell locations. This unique, self-contained walking jack-up has the ability to independently walk in to position without the requirement to float. WaveWalker 1 can ‘step’ over obstacles, meaning that it can be used on beaches and in ecologically sensitive areas.

Our walking jack-up is of sufficient size to support live-aboard applications, dramatically increasing operational productivity and reducing crew change downtime periods. Its ability to relocate without the use of supporting tugs can reduce the project schedule, risk and cost.

The design, construction and operation of WaveWalker 1 is the result of a joint operation between Fugro and Van Oord, and it is owned and operated by their joint venture company WaveWalker BV.

To date, WaveWalker 1 has carried out an extensive variety of operations for marine projects across the globe. From deepening the Suape channel in Brazil, to construction of the aggregated jetty at Hinkley Point C Power Station to cable installation in the North Sea, the WaveWalker 1 is proving to be an invaluable tool to the marine industry.


Operated by our experienced team, WaveWalker 1 has a rapid deck elevating system that provides maximum stability for the 32m x 32m deck area.

It features two built in cranes, a Lagendjik LWC900 Offshore Wire Crane, that operates 92.9t at a 8m radius, and a Lagendjik LKB 13.0/20.0 – 10.0 Knuckle Boom Crane, that has a 10t at 4m operating radius.

Size: 32m x 32m

Leg length: 40m

Max payload: 850t

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