Site Investigation

Using WaveWalker 1 for Site Investigation

Prior to the start of a project, marine site investigations determine and manage the viability and success of the proposed development.

Where the site is affected by weather or tide conditions, or is in an ecologically sensitive area, WaveWalker 1 offers an innovative, dynamic solution.

The 8-legged, self-containted walking jack-up barge WaveWalker 1 has been specifically designed to operate in rough seas, surf zones, intertidal and shallow transition locations and on beaches.

For proposed wind farm, oil and gas or marine development projects, WaveWalker 1 can ensure safe, secure and efficient delivery.

WaveWalker 1 is able to support a variety of investigative procedures regardless of the sea or surface conditions, and can accommodate crew, reducing risks, costs and project schedules.

Take a look at some of our recent work below, or get in touch if you want to find out how WaveWalker 1 can support your project.