WaveWalker 1 offers flexible, effective solutions across the range of market sectors that are present within marine operations.

Its industry-first, walking jack-up rig has been specifically designed to operate independently in shallow transition zones, heavy surf and intertidal areas, rough seas and on beaches. It is also able to ‘step’ over obstacles, meaning it is ideal for projects carried out in environmentally sensitive areas.

An excellent alternative to floating barges or self-elevating working platforms (SEWPs), WaveWalker 1 provides innovate access solutions from land to sea, reducing project schedules, risks and costs. From marine construction, to maintaining assets, carrying out site investigations, drilling and blasting or salvage, WaveWalker 1 can increase productivity and reduce downtime.

WaveWalker 1 can be fitted with specialist equipment and accommodation to create full turnkey packages that benefit each individual project. Our experienced teams can advise and support on each area of work required.

To find out more about the market sectors that can benefit from using WaveWalker 1, use the side menu, or get in touch to discuss your individual project requirements.