Using WaveWalker 1 for Mining in the Marine Environment

Mining the ocean floor or along the coast line presents a variety of challenges. WaveWalker BV provides an industry-first solution with WaveWalker 1, an 8-legged, self-contained walking jack-up barge.

Unlike traditional floating barges or self-elevating working platforms (SEWPs), WaveWalker 1 unaffected by the weather or tides and is able to operate bidirectionally without floating, by walking into position while elevated.

This unique ability means marine mining projects are able to significantly reduce their schedules, risks and costs, while boosting productivity. Take a look at WaveWalker 1 in action during recent projects around the world.

Our inhouse design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities mean we can create a complete turnkey package for each project, including fitting drilling units and accommodation facilities.

Take a look at some of our recent work below, or get in touch if you want to find out how WaveWalker 1 can support your project.