WaveWalker 1 and the Wind Power Industry

A rapidly growing area of power generation technology, the wind power industry includes those involved with the design, manufacture, construction and maintenance of wind turbines and offshore wind farms.

To help support this transition towards clean, renewable energy sources, WaveWalker 1 provides an innovative solution for projects in rough seas, shallow transition and intertidal zones, as well as ecologically sensitive areas. Our 8-legged walking jack-up barge safely operates bidirectionally whilst elevated, walking over the seabed and relocating without floating.

As WaveWalker 1 is unaffected by weather or tidal conditions, site investigation, installations and maintenance of wind turbines can be carried out safely and on schedule, reducing risks and costs. WaveWalker 1 can manoeuvre and walk between turbines unaided, and can eliminate the need for a dredging licence to remove silt build-ups.

If you would like to find out more about WaveWalker 1 or to discuss your project, please get in touch.