Maintenance / Asset Integrity

Using WaveWalker 1 for Maintenance / Asset Integrity

Work to repair, restore or maintain facilities or equipment in the marine environment is often affected by tidal and weather conditions.

WaveWalker 1 offers an innovative alternative to traditional floating or self-elevating platforms, which reduces risk, delays and costs.

Those working in the oil and gas, wind power or cable laying industry will find the WaveWalker 1 delivers an effective, flexible and secure solution for all areas of maintenance to working platforms, cabling and wind turbines.

The self-contained walking jack-up barge can walk over the seabed and relocate without floating, and is specifically designed for rough seas, intertidal zones and ecologically sensitive areas.

With the ability to support accommodation and fit specialist equipment for individual projects, WaveWalker 1 is able to dramatically increase operational productivity.

Take a look at some of our recent work below, or get in touch if you want to find out how WaveWalker 1 can support your project.