Renewables: Offshore Windfarm Operations & Maintenance

  • Client: Private
  • Region: Arklow
  • Location: Irish Sea
  • Industry: Wind Power

Project Overview

The Arklow Offshore Wind Farm is located on an extremely shallow sandbank where large waves and intertidal currents are common.

A 500ft super lift Liebherr mobile crane was loaded onto WaveWalker 1 prior to towing to site. Due to the shallow sandbank a 90m walk was required to get WaveWalker 1 onto each location for the gearbox replacement lifts.

These tasks could not be undertaken by a conventional jack-up as the shallow water would prevent them being floated onto the required positions. WaveWalker 1’s ability to walk in shallow water meant it was the only suitable means of reaching the turbines. On completion, WaveWalker 1 was able to walk away from its operating position, regardless of tidal and weather constraints.

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