WaveWalker 1 has been designed especially to support an extensive range of marine industries.

Its innovative 8-legged walking jack-up design means it is able to safely operate in rough seas, shallow transition zones, ecologically sensitive areas, intertidal areas and on beaches.

Those working in the wind, tidal and wave power industries, oil and gas, nuclear, cable fitting and mining sectors can overcome the significant challenges posed by marine environments by utilising WaveWalker 1 within projects.

From providing a stable, secure platform for construction, site investigation or drilling and blasting, to providing safe accommodation to minimise crew-transfer downtime, the WaveWalker 1 is an invaluable asset when it comes to reducing schedules, risks and costs.

To find out more about the industries that could boost their productivity with WaveWalker, use the side menu to find out more or get in touch with our team to discuss your project.