Preparations underway for WaveWalker 1 to start her next assignment for Van Oord Offshore Wind.

WaveWalker 1 is currently preparing to depart Portland, UK and will soon be heading to Holland to commence the mobilisation for her next exciting project.

The innovative walking jack up barge has been chartered as part of the construction of the Gemini wind park which will be built 60 kilometres from the coast of the Dutch Schiermonnikoog Island, an area with excellent wind conditions. Construction will complete in 2016, after which the project will be fully operational in 2017. The 600 MW wind park consists of 150 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 4 MW. Once fully operational, the wind park will supply electricity to more than 785,000 households.

WaveWalker BV is proud to be a part of this undertaking, showing once again the versatility of the vessel and support of our esteemed clients.