Demobilising after Hinkley Point C – what comes next for WaveWalker 1

The end of April 2018 saw WaveWalker 1 successfully complete it’s scope of works for the Hinkley Point C Power Station jetty. After working on site in the Bristol channel since November 2016 and walking over a total distance of 8km, WaveWalker 1 took her final steps and then departed the site to tow to Portbury, in order for the vessel to demobilise.

All project equipment, a full drilling spread and pile gate, was demobilised from WaveWalker 1, along with the 32 accommodation units for crew members.

After a very quick and successful demobilisation, WaveWalker 1 then departed Portbury on the 5th May to commence work on her next exciting project, the details of which will follow shortly!